Lest We Forget

By-Shashank Reddy, NLS, Bangalore.

There is a breathtaking image playing out in front of me. Dense fog, an endless carpeted plain, the twin peaks of Mt.Virtue and Mt.Vice in the distance, and a man with shaggy hair proudly proclaiming, “How beautiful is my heaven!” The images are of the tiny village of Malana, high up in Himachal, as shown in Amlan Datta’s part-trippy, part-comedy, part-nonsensical and fully brilliant documentary, Bom, which I am watching as I type this piece out. Continue reading

Life Noir

By-Shashank Reddy, NLSIU, Bangalore.

I sit here by myself, looking out across the parapet. A dark night. A dark city. Smoke fills the air. A semi-opaque mirror through which dimmed orange lights seek to penetrate the darkness that they see. Buildings. What are buildings? Useless impressions of chrome and steel behind which man seeks to hide from himself. I sit here. On an empty roof of a dilapidated building on the other side of the river with a cat and a raven for company. Continue reading

Movie Review: Agent Vinod (Sriram Raghavan)

Recently, a bunch of self serving critics decided to have a laugh at the bad state of affairs in the Hindi film industry. The next time they give away the awards I would like to see the Indian Critic receive the Bawra Ho Gaya Hai Kya Award. For nobody has truly lost it like the Indian Critic has when it comes to Agent Vinod. Continue reading

Sustainable Development: A Flawed Concept?

By-Anil Sebastian Pulickel, NLSIU, Bangalore.

As I sat down to ponder what sustainability means to me, I allowed myself the liberty of a little nostalgia. The resultant trips down memory lane inevitably ended with images from my early childhood. I grew up in Kerala, India—a place that has often been described as “God’s Own Country” as a tribute to its natural beauty. Twenty years back, being a curious kid there meant that it was impossible to not have a special connect with the environment. Continue reading