Exiled Innocence

-Revant Bhalla, Ramjas College, DU

Brutalized since the dawn of time
broken and abused
punished for an unknown crime
lost and confused

discarded and thrown away
like some filthy rag
her youthful devotion would never sway
yet we now call her a hag

the sky god took her from us
merciless and cruel
with slavish devotion we followed him
like we were the tyrants mule

destroying the very fibre of our compassion
rejoicing at our greed
the whitebearded fuck
would never let us be freed

2000 years it has been
since she was abducted
by his angels (white feathered pricks)
her crys muffled with duct tape

hes chastised her in our hearts and now in our minds
our souls and bodies wither away
while my friends and i keep telling them
wasnt she so much more kind
he kept on telling us
we were sinners before he was born
well if love is a sin then i gladly will
rot in your pathetic hell till im no more

the whole world was in his grip
in one way or the other
tell me is it just
to call a tyrant your father?

every nation committed atrocities
against each other or themselves
burning and flogging non-believers
and even their women who were at their helms

my peers force feed me this secularist crap
that all men have a right to their god
but do all men have the right to slap
yes they do , liberty is sometimes a fraud

if your right to god destroys your humanity
and chains your deepest passion
if it insults natures fertility
then my right to life decrees i give you a good thrashin

so i cry out loudly
to all the educated masses

dont go ignoring the state of affairs
when the the world is travelling in the wrong direction
and if your collective concience was a phallus
now is the right time for an erection
our brothers and sisters have been abused, their humanity shattered
blood of billions has been shed, their ashes scattered
they have sinned against free will
they have destroyed our freedoms
hes responsible for this upheavel
his purdaah and policy towards condoms
his non-violence and his hair
his oppression should die so lets NOT be fair

let us bring her back from the ashes of empires
let us help her up and free her from the chains of these liars

let us forget he ever existed
let us forget he ever had been
let me forget so that i might be a child once again
back to being truly me
let us set our innocence free
let us free her from her bonds

and in the immortal words of Crawly
let us praise her supreme credo

do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law


4 thoughts on “Exiled Innocence

    1. well thats only as an archetype, honestly i find the ancient nordic and hellenic gods and traditions for more interesting and understandable and cool!!(guys who throw thunderbolts for the win!) but im personally an atheist with some laveyan satanic thinking (because i love metal and gothic chicks!!) but what i really hate is dogma and fascism and and any (insert gender)-Archy, combine the three and you get middle eastern faith traditions and and modern hindu traditions, im a freedom absolutist so if anything violates even on small percentage of human liberty, it needs to stop and end. thanks for your time and comment, more is on the way right here @thedoubtexpress!

  1. But you can not have complete anarchy right? Inevitably some percentage on human liberty will get trampled upon. Especially if one is to live in a society.

  2. what is your objective understanding of “society”? i agree that at this point of time, as a global collection of individuals, we are not evolved at a level condusive to the implementation of free will not limited by government, but that does not mean i stop striving for such a system in my own life, at this point of time in collective human history, we have too many homicidal impulses and rape intentions in our own and collective psyche to allow that, but we can still lay the foundations for such a system where anarchy is allowed to flourish where human beings have evolved to atleast reject such damaging thoughts as murder and rape. and as a freedom absolutist, if a society requires i give up on my liberty even in small doses, that society is not worth it, because to put it bluntly i dont half-ass anything, if i go one step at allowing some one to dictate over me, i might as well sell my whole self, but if i believe i am a free individual, than i go all the way in expressing that freedom with one simple human rule- dont interfere with another humans freedom.

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