In The Air

By- Aditi Tripathi

In the air

There was a

Sparkling something

Shimmering, glittery like

Little, big mirrors

Reflecting the light.

Everybody was floating

In the pool

Of dutch treat fantasies

Magic red ribbons

Forming waves of

The mystical kind.

They close their

Eyes, and spin

Within them, in

A whirlpool colored

Sapphire blue

They fall free.

The purple smoke

Chokes them high,

Below they see

Tangerine crystal lie

Like painted gravel

Upon land, beautified.

The yellow light

Their faces glow

Mix so seamless

With the silver

Dust, that from 

Their minds flow.

The sun in

The kaleidoscope sky

Shone, coloring a

Million kind, in

 A million ways-

Colorful geometry everywhere.

You can hope

To reach the

Sky, swim to

The ocean’s bed,

Walk to the

Other side, fly 

To Universe’s head.

This wind will carry

Your song, to

Your lovers in

Peace who lie.

No life, no

Death here is,

Only living and

Its unending joy.

Can’t enter or

Leave this paradise,

No permit to

Belong, no permit

To exit, this

Wonder rests in

Our souls,

We all here,

Already do exist. 


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