Spin Me

By: Mrinalini Shinde, NLSIU.


I see the riders strain and smile.

As they prance to get ahead.

Be the first, however vile,

Race to win before you’re dead.

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The Merrymakers’ Feast

By-Shashank Reddy.

Come sit with me dear

and watch the sun set over the horizon.

Dark clouds looming,

clashing with the occasional light streaming through.

life’s bogged down in a swamp,

and we are stuck.

Forever we will sit here

watching the same sun rise and fall,

and resign ourselves to this fate we must. Continue reading

Rethinking Rationality: An Alternate Approach

By-Kushagra Aniket, Cornell University.

Rational Choice Theory is essential to the discipline of economics. Although rationality is often taken as an underlying principle behind individual action, its idea is not as simple as we assume it to be. Drawing on insights from ethics and everyday life, I challenge some of the basic assumptions of microeconomic theory in order to develop a more inclusive understanding of rational behavior. Continue reading

Price Rise

By- Kushagra Aniket, Cornell University.

The Food Availability Decline theory is a basic microeconomic tool that explains the inflationary rise in the prices of foodgrains as a result of a reduction in the supply of staple food in a particular area. Applied to the current circumstances, food inflation can be said have occurred due to particularly cost push factors and not demand pull factors. Though it would be too simplistic to hold any one factor as solely responsible for the overall inflationary rise in prices, it would not be perfectly rational to identify declining agricultural productivity as the major cause behind the inflation in recent times. Continue reading

Citizen Kane: A 21st Century Review

By-Shashank Reddy.

It has been widely touted as the greatest film ever made, has been rated No.1 on Sight and Sound’s annual critics’ poll five times running and Roger Ebert has declared it as ‘officially the greatest film ever’. So it would seem kind of surprising that I only ended up watching the movie a couple of days back. And my end verdict? It is a good movie, just not a great movie. Continue reading

The Real Story of Cyndi R Eli

By-Nayantara Ravichandran, NLSIU, Bangalore.

So I guess you want to start at the very beginning huh? Well you may know bits of it but there is a lot that went on behind the scenes which you have no idea about. I guess it all started with Mr. R Eli. He was one smart man, he was. Married early and married into money. Of course, the wife was a real ice queen and kept him under her thumb but her cash and looks kind of made up for it. And he was delighted when she had a daughter. Continue reading