The Merrymakers’ Feast

By-Shashank Reddy.

Come sit with me dear

and watch the sun set over the horizon.

Dark clouds looming,

clashing with the occasional light streaming through.

life’s bogged down in a swamp,

and we are stuck.

Forever we will sit here

watching the same sun rise and fall,

and resign ourselves to this fate we must.

But wait,

look over there,

Whiskey, mystiques and men

o’er the strawberry fields they sit

listening to roadhouse blues

and making themselves comfortably numb.

Today is their black sabbath,

recognized and celebrated by eating red hot chilli peppers.

Not a care in the world,

to each his sun

and a different one everyday.

Neither rise nor fall they see,

only sunshine in different hues.

On top of the world they are,

simply blowing in the wind.

Everyday their black sabbath,

to the world’s end they drink.

Come lets go join them my dear,

but wait,

who is to cross these strawberry fields?

Not I,

I am too tired.

So let us sit here again

and just watch the merrymakers feast.


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