Driving Down the NH-17

-Mrinalini Shinde

(Image courtesy of Akshar Pathak from http://minimalbollywood.com/)

Warning: Author may tend to use hyperbole and generalisations heavily, attributing to a love of the subject  in question.

You know how there are those movies,  which become institutions? The ones that cease to be DVDs and seep into a collective consciousness? Maybe because they unwittingly or not, have their origins in a collective consciousness. I felt like writing a tribute to one such movie, that not only set the trend for numerous films on friendship to come and defined the urban ‘cool’ but became a cult, with pretty much the following of a generation. The 70s had its angry young man, at war with his past and social elements,  and we had three boys, who drove to Goa on a whim.

So, what makes Dil Chahta Hai an institution?

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Barfi! (Pritam)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                – By Srikanth Mantravadi

Unlike Pritam’s other creations that thrive on a certain muscular, brassy energy – even ones like Tumhi Ho Bandhu with their techno heavy backgrounds or the ones he conjures for the Bhatts with wailing electric guitars conveying the mood of a depressed heart – Barfi! (Lest I sound needlessly excited, the exclamation is something the makers added and not me. Although an album like this does warrant much excitement and attention) has a smooth, feminine grace. The sound is decidedly acoustic and soft on the ears; pleasant bars of music layered with guitars, pianos and harmonicas. Take the title song; Initially I couldn’t believe Pritam had composed it. Continue reading

Butter Fingers

By: Vikram Shah, NLSIU

One evening, I ring Butter Fingers and ask her to come with me to exchange the tee she’d gifted me. Not to be particularly nitpicking, but she never picks the right size. Or colour. That’s what I like about her.

“You actually think I’m going to come with you to Linking Road right now? When Master is batting?” Who said rhetoric can’t be an art form.

“If I go on my own, then it won’t be your gift any longer.”

“I’d still have paid for it, fucker.”

“But if I pick up something else, which you know I will, I’ll have to pay for it. And then, you’ll have to give me the money if it costs more than what you bought me. Or, you’ll have to take some back if it costs less. Kills the gift feel, no?”

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A Cure For The Itch




By-Preetish Sahoo.

What is it like to lose something that you value the most? How does it feel to have your most prized possession prised away from you? What would you not give to be able to not part with the one thing that you and only you possess and that is the envy of everyone else? These are questions that haunt, torment, and gnaw at the hearts of supporters of Arsenal Football Club every year come the August transfer window. Continue reading

Kingdoms Should Suffice

By Yamini Periwal,

Jai Hind College , Mumbai. 

You can conquer kingdoms, you say.

But wherefore should that convince me

Of your mettle, courage or steel?

If you could talk straight,

Call a spade a spade,

And wouldn’t evade questions,

I’d see that you are unafraid.

If you could dare to bare your soul,

If you could unashamedly reveal

Your fears and scars,

And the man you really are;

The character you have built

Behind all facades,

With all your sins and guilt,

With placid honesty, without agenda,

And if you could possibly render

Yourself vulnerable,

I’d find your greatest strength in your flaws.

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The Dark Knight Isn’t a Hero

By: Vishesh Dewan,

National University of Singapore

As I listened to the Batman Begins theme (Eptesicus) during my morning walk/jog, with the Dark Knight Rising in 3 days, I began to wonder why exactly I have such a vested interest in this movie, or rather Christopher Nolan’s entire Batman movie franchise. I’m endlessly playing Reagan Fabry’s  13 minute long piano cover of the ‘Dark Knight’ on my piano, even reading the batman comics which unfortunately I wasn’t too interested in or exposed to as a kid. Is it because of the goose bump giving, soul-moving musical compositions of Hans Zimmer, Nolan’s phenomenal direction with IMAX cameras, fabulous screenplay and effects, an engaging dynamically realistic storyline or the fantastic performances by the actors? Definitely yes,  but I feel it’s also because the entire story has a subtle, fundamental connection to the lives of ordinary people living out in the ‘real’ world.

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