Kingdoms Should Suffice

By Yamini Periwal,

Jai Hind College , Mumbai. 

You can conquer kingdoms, you say.

But wherefore should that convince me

Of your mettle, courage or steel?

If you could talk straight,

Call a spade a spade,

And wouldn’t evade questions,

I’d see that you are unafraid.

If you could dare to bare your soul,

If you could unashamedly reveal

Your fears and scars,

And the man you really are;

The character you have built

Behind all facades,

With all your sins and guilt,

With placid honesty, without agenda,

And if you could possibly render

Yourself vulnerable,

I’d find your greatest strength in your flaws.

The world knows that you are a man of the world,

But if you were also a man of your words,

Who could care, and swear loyalty and stand by it,

I’d know that you’re worthy of unquestioning trust.

But as if an Achilles’ heel were a must,

You’re too afraid, love.

Too afraid in your own head

To even let your thoughts wander,

So afraid to see, and to seize what you love,

You’d rather let it squander.

Well, okay, if that’s who you’d rather be,

Well, okay, if that’s your destiny.

Well, okay, if you’ll let love pass you by

Because you’re too afraid to try.

Speaking for myself, I am not afraid,

And will claim my love for mine.

But, you’ll be alright too, I guess?

You’ll have your kingdoms,

And that should be fine.

“ये महलों, ये तख्तों, ये ताजों की दुनिया,

ये इंसान के दुश्मन समाजों की दुनिया,

ये दौलत के भूके रिवाजों की दुनिया,

ये दुनिया अगर मिल भी जाए तो क्या है… “


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