Day 4: The 5 Euro Gelato

Shashank Reddy

Italians are a beautiful people. The women are stunning and I haven’t seen a single guy below the age of 40 who isn’t fit and lean. And all this inspite of the heavenly amounts of sweets, crepes, gelatos and cheese they consume. Mr.D and I hitched a free ride on one of the conference shuttles, which dropped us right next to the Castel Dell’Ovo which is located on a rocky islet just of the coast. There is a thing I have noticed about castles in Europe. They are small. Very small. I get no sense of grandeur. Especially when compared to the vast forts and palaces that are found in every third district in India. The view of the city of the Naples from there however, defined by the gentle rolling hills and the sudden drop into the sea, is stunning. We decided to walk through the historic city centre, moving from the Castel Dell’Ovo and the stunning marina through the Via Toledo and ending at the Museum. The walk is not a long one, but we stretched it for over an hour with our slow pace and constant stopping, especially for gelato (the best 5 Euros ever spent). In India, disgusting graffiti and carvings are found on almost all the major historic buildings, proudly proclaiming, “Sunny Loves Bunny”. But in Naples, this practice is taken to a whole new level. Beautiful, beautiful buildings are ruined with graffiti so big you can see it from a while away. And they proclaim, “Eva Loves Antonio”. It is quite sad. Almost all the historic buildings here are in a general state of disrepair. Again, quite sad. But atleast it gave us a good topic for conversation for our lunch, which inevitably consisted of Pizza.

We caught the metro (again in a very bad state and not tourist friendly at all) back to the Mostra to find out that Viraj, Vinodini and Prem had won the semi-finals against a Nigerian team. A small celebration ensued, with amazing pasta and beer. Which was topped off with a gelato by Mr.D and a crepe by me, while the other three went back to their hotel to prepare for the finals. Which brings me back to the stunning women. In Naples, so far, I have come across a beautiful geek, a stunning policewoman and a gorgeous army woman. A knock. That must be the beautiful maid in the hotel. Ciao.


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