By- Babita Kulkarni

Look up

At the stars

They shine for you

And though they might

Take a chance or two

To tease a little

By twinkling far and few

Look up, hey,

They shine for you


Stand by

The lush white waves

They sing for you

And though they might

In the tides hide your cue,

Dance with the sea

Because you’ll seek it soon too

Stand by, hey,

They sing for you


Hug Tight

The handsome trees

They stand tall for you

And though their green might rest in between

In the spring sky’s smiling blue

They’ll laugh and sway

As you should too

Hug tight, hey,

They stand tall for you


Don’t forget

These presents,

They were gifted to you

And though often in life, you might

Not get your due

Remember the stars, the sea, the trees

And every true friend you ever knew

Don’t forget, hey,

Everything they ever did- it was all for you.


This poem is a gentle reminder of all the beautiful things in life that are so easy to ignore in the face of trouble. I believe we would all find it much easier to smile if we looked at life as a whole, and felt as thankful for the little joys as the big shiny ones; if in the face of terrible, we acknowledged the good.  The wonder of it lies in the fact that the two can co-exist, that you can be crying about not getting that job and be grinning about your surprise birthday party all at once. At the same time, this poem is also a tiny push to never lose hope. It does not follow directly from, but relates somewhat to J


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