By: Mrinalini Shinde

“There are so many in this gathering who wish the candle well. 

But if the being of the candle is melting, what can the sorrow-sharers do?” 

— Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

I refrained from writing about the recent incident of rape in Delhi, because honestly, there wasn’t anything that hadn’t already been said. However, a conversation with my mother a couple of days back, gave me a renewed sense of perspective on the issue, and I decided to put it down.

My mother called me in the middle of the night, saying how worried she was. I’ll be interning in New Delhi this spring, and my mother was losing sleep over it. She said she was afraid for my safety, especially in light of my nature. I told her not to worry, both of us aware of the emptiness of that reassurance.

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Natural Born Killers & The Violence of Media

Shashank Reddy

Natural Born Killers has definitely got to be one of the most messed up (in a good way) movies I have seen in a long long time (I think the last one was Guy Ritchie’s Revolver). The movie is written by Quentin Tarantino, so obviously there is a lot of stylized violence. It is directed by Oliver Stone, which is the first mindfuck of the movie, because this is universes apart from any other film that Oliver Stone has ever directed, and by universes, I mean parallel universes so far across time that not even the TARDIS can cross between them (though some Stone touches such as combining different camera and film formats are very heavily used here too). The movie is a character in and of itself. Continue reading