Driving Down the NH-17

-Mrinalini Shinde

(Image courtesy of Akshar Pathak from http://minimalbollywood.com/)

Warning: Author may tend to use hyperbole and generalisations heavily, attributing to a love of the subject  in question.

You know how there are those movies,  which become institutions? The ones that cease to be DVDs and seep into a collective consciousness? Maybe because they unwittingly or not, have their origins in a collective consciousness. I felt like writing a tribute to one such movie, that not only set the trend for numerous films on friendship to come and defined the urban ‘cool’ but became a cult, with pretty much the following of a generation. The 70s had its angry young man, at war with his past and social elements,  and we had three boys, who drove to Goa on a whim.

So, what makes Dil Chahta Hai an institution?

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Veritas Vici Totus

By: Mrinalini Shinde, NLSIU.

This post is in response to the growing  popularity of the television show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ that airs every Sunday morning, hosted by actor Aamir Khan. Every episode of the show highlights a major socio-systemic problem in India, incorporating interviews of people who have suffered from the same, experts’ opinion regarding the issue, and mini-documentaries that are token representations of public opinion. The show always ends with a plea for donations to a selected charity that deals with the issue discussed followed by a song relating to the theme. The show has been receiving a lot of mixed responses, but its general impact cannot be denied.

I have followed the show from its pilot episode, and I sit down to write this after just having watched the eighth episode on toxic food. Earlier episodes have dealt with the issues of female foeticide, child sexual abuse, dowry,  medical malpractice, honour killings, persons with disabilities, and domestic violence.

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