-Mrinalini Shinde

It was International Day of the Girl Child, a couple of days back. It hurts,  that we have to create awareness about something as fundamental, and it hurts, when even today, my anaesthesiologist mother regularly gets questions asked, like- “Two daughters? That’s it? No sons? Aren’t you a doctor? Didn’t you try?” There’s so much said, and that can be said, about sex selective abortion and discrimination against the girl child, that I’m not going to write about it today.  But it hurts, when a representative of the people, declares that child marriage is a solution to the crime of rape, and it hurts, when a fourteen year old girl is shot, on the way back from school, for demanding that girls be allowed to  go to school.

In the past couple of years, I’ve taken some assorted shots of girls I’ve met along the  way, and I thought I’d compile them as a short photo-essay, in honour of International Day of the Girl Child, and dedicated to the indomitable Malala Yousafzayi.

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