What Next?

Shashank Reddy

Let me begin with a proposition- The modern economic system revolves around money, it places financial riches at the centre of all economic activities and success is measured through a strict hierarchy, wherein one needs to reach a certain position to be called ‘successful’. This proposition is neither new nor novel and has been critiqued and defended extensively over the last two centuries. But whether we like it or not, this proposition is self-evident and undeniable. The question we must tackle therefore is not what the economic system is or what it was but what it can be in the future. Continue reading


On How to Change the World: Tales of Marx and Marxism

By-Shashank Reddy.

Eric Hobsbawm was probably the most famous historian of the 20th Century, and though I fancy myself as a student of history, I never read a single work of his until after his recent death. The book I picked up, How to Change the World: Tales of Marx and Marxism, was bought by Ameya and duly borrowed (with no intention of returning it) by me. Now, Hobsbawm was a self-confessed Marxist historian and it is always fascinating to see how people dissect and write about their biggest influences, making the choice of reading this particular book a bloody good coincidence. Continue reading