All Together and Never Ending

By-Aditi Tripathi

I want to be the feeling that spears through your heart when you open the window to a windy afternoon. I want to make you feel fresh and I want you to be happy. I don’t want to make you happy; I want you to be happy- eternally. I want that happiness should be simple for you, effortless, as it is. I want it to make you forget everything, erase memory, erase time, erase any parameter by which you can judge it, compare it with something. I want you to be happiest all the time so that in the end, your happiness feels perennial. Continue reading



By- Padmini Baruah.

“The pinpoints may have begun lighting the inky twilight sky; I have no way of finding out. Only days are my escape. Sunlight – pure, unadulterated; sometimes streaked with orange, sometimes covered with dirty gray blotches of cloud.  – is what I am free to perceive. You who look at me with disdain, perhaps at yourself with contempt: try not to whisper false nothings about the moon and the stars into my ears. Such words mean nothing to me. Dusk can only mean to me but one idea, one concept, one facet of life.” Continue reading

The Final Chapter

By-Shashank Reddy

A single ray of sunlight manages to sneak its way past the heavy, dust laden curtains. It travels past stacks of pizza boxes and cartons of used cigarettes, gently rounding past the bottles with their contents in various stages of completion, taking care not to touch the non-existent floor before gently settling on the man asleep in a corner. He lies on a couch, torn and tattered with the burden of holding him all these years. Continue reading

The Real Story of Cyndi R Eli

By-Nayantara Ravichandran, NLSIU, Bangalore.

So I guess you want to start at the very beginning huh? Well you may know bits of it but there is a lot that went on behind the scenes which you have no idea about. I guess it all started with Mr. R Eli. He was one smart man, he was. Married early and married into money. Of course, the wife was a real ice queen and kept him under her thumb but her cash and looks kind of made up for it. And he was delighted when she had a daughter. Continue reading

Must Be Hard

By-Medha Gupta, Srishti School of Design, Bangalore.

Must be hard. To watch from afar, cloaked in the oppressive shadows of silence, forced to support. To watch as silent tears rolled down your cheeks, the emptiness of your eyes revealing more than words ever could. Must be hard to keep secret your pain from the world, as under the guise of patriotism, your young ones would go to fight. To fight a battle not theirs, to slay an enemy faceless. Continue reading

City Buses

By-Anil Sebastian Pulickel, NLSIU, Bangalore.

There is something about misery that bonds human beings together. Especially when the misery does not affect any of them.

The other day, I had the delightful but physically somewhat jarring experience of taking a city bus after a long while. Now, the buses here are famous, though for the wrong reason. Any driver with enough hours on the city roads can tell you that in their particularly horrid nightmares, the devil takes the form of a humongous, speeding red metal box. Continue reading